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    Hello 2015

    Hey Everyone!!!

    It's been very quiet over here on the site but very, very, busy elsewhere (classes, producing, Twitter, etc). 

    I just wanted to do a quick post from Vegas as there's loads coming up with theC47 during and post NAB 2015.


    The first ever products with "theC47" name will also be announced at NAB on Monday, April 13th! They will be under the Westcott brand and I am very excited to finally be able to show them to everyone. They will be in all of my classes at NAB starting on Saturday and you can go to the Westcott booth in the Central Hall to check them out. I will be in the booth all day Monday.

    Sneak Peek videos for the products will go live on Monday as well and will be on the Westcott web site.


    I also recently produced six part series for Canon that goes on set with Film Riot & Ryan Connolly about the making of their most recent short film. The series has now launched and there's some great content there. It's the kind of stuff I want to do much more of going forward.

    Click here to watch the series


    Additionally, I have started to broadcast content using Periscope. My handle is theC47 and if you download the app you can watch live stream and also 24 hour archives that I post. This could be the new "gearbox" while I will work on more on set content for in depth craft based training.

    2015 is going to be a fun year for theC47 and I hope you come along for the ride!



    Postapalooza 2014

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    Postapalooza 2014

    Note: When I say it's a ridiculous conference in terms of cost I mean it's a steal even without a discount. At $200 off it's ridonkulous! And $595 with the Power Up? Craziness I tell you!!!

    Registration ends on September 12th. Better hurry up!



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    Cineo Lighting Matchstix Info
    Matchstix Game...

    Notes: A mixed lighting challenge, this one was. We will have Cineo Lighting's Remote Phosphor lights at The Filmmaker's Intensive which starts on July 27th in Scotland!


    The Filmmaker's Intensive 2014

    This video goes over The Filmmaker's Intensive 2014. The Filmmaker's Intensive (TFMI), is a one week program that was designed for a select number of people (up to 20), who want to learn the craft of lighting & shooting for documentary, corporate & narrative filmmaking. 

    TFMI is an immersive environment. Students learn and work together. It is truly a unique learning experience which will prepare you for shooting in the real world & your further education in this field.

    The program will run from July 27th through August 1st and will be held in Scotland!

    Visit for more info.



    Chillin' & Grillin'

    I finally connected with my good friend Chris Fenwick who is an amazing director, editor and educator. We talked shop about FCPX and all kinds of other goodies post NAB on his most excellent podcast FCPX Grill.

    Click below to have a listen and head over to for more episodes and content.


    NAB 2014 - News Shooter Panel

    NAB 2014: NewsShooter Panel "Is DSLR Dead?" from Teradek on Vimeo.

    I did A LOT of teaching this year at NAB but was also asked back to be on a panel with the News Shooter guys. Honored to be in such company and we talked shop for awhile.