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    Flag That Sucker!

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    FS700 Kit for Sale

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    Sony FS700 Specs
    Sony FMU128
    Metabones EF to NEX Adapter

    Sennheiser ME66/K6 Kit
    Marshall 5" Monitor (I would get a battery adapter from Marshall for it)

    Notes: 1) Only selling to U.S. buyers & shipping will be UPS or FedEx Ground. 2) Original boxes for FS700, FMU128, Metabones Adapter and Charger will be used and then everything shipped in one large box. 3) Certified check or cleared check acceptable for shipment. 4) If paying using PayPal then total price will be higher to cover PayPal fees. 5) Product is in perfect working condition and guaranteed to not be DOA. 6) Please ask ANY questions as there is a lot of interest already and it's all ready to ship out when bought. 7) Light on neck is because I didn't flag the light below the table. Quick set up so you get a glowing neck! See next episode of gearbox about this very thing.


    One Man Crew

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    One Man Crew
    Eduardo Angel
    Adjustable Sawhorses

    Note: Key is set for wider shot, position one, in the video. That's why when I am in position two that you aren't seeing the catch/eye light as much.


    April 29th


    On Camera Audio

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    When using zooms you have a bit more freedom in terms of composition but the same rule applies. Keep talant about an arms length away from the camera if them mic is camera mounted. In the previous episode (Ghost Town), we're using the same lens but I'm just a bit further back. Still OK but a zoom like a 24-70 would work very well for this type of stuff.

    Nelson Nevada Ghost Town Workshop

    Unbelievable teaching experience. Great students, crew and sponsors. Big thanks to Eduardo Angel for being 2nd in command.

    Note on the audio...

    The RØDE Video Mic Pro is by far the best of the on camera mics out there. I think I have tested them all (or at least almost all), of them. Been using for ages and it lives on my C100 now. Next episode will be a little bit more about that.

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